Second Sun Hydroponics

4.5 Inch Press Fit Pot Kit with Carry Tray, Pots, and Plant Labels (Blue Color)

TO Plastics

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This kit will let you start awesome seedlings in style!  Transform your growing space into a professional nursery with our press fit pots, carry tray, and plant labels.  The brilliant blue color makes your plants look great!

The kit includes:

  • 15 Press Fit Pots
  • 1 Carry Tray
  • 5 5" Plant Labels

Perfect for growing vegetable transplants of all kinds, raising cuttings, or even for house plants.  The carry tray has drain holes in the bottom, so this kit is designed to be used where drainage isn't a problem (like a greenhouse or patio).

You can order more than one kit at once.  Just select from the options at the right. 

Made in the USA with recycled polystyrene.