Second Sun Hydroponics

4.5 Inch Square Press Fit Plastic Flower Pots (White)

TO Plastics

$ 0.26 

We now have White color press fit pots!  They are made to professional standards with thick, smooth plastic that has a premium feel.

These pots are great for starting seeds or raising transplants. The wide pot holds a lot of soil, and the drain holes in the bottom make sure your plants don't become waterlogged. Use them to grow healthy herbs for sale at farmers markets, or to raise zucchini transplants for your own garden.



Outer Dimension 4 1/8 "
Inside Dimension 4 "
Height 3 5/8 "


Max Dry Cu. Inches 47.60
Max Liquid US 1.65 pt
Max Liquid Metric 780.00 ml

These pots will fit into standard press fit trays.  A 4.5" square press fit pot tray will hold 15 of these pots.

Proudly made in the USA of recycled polystyrene. 700089C