Second Sun Hydroponics

Jiffy-Strips® - 8 Cell Strip Inserts


$ 0.99 

These Jiffy-Strips® are perfect for starting vegetables and flowers from seed. Made from biodegradable materials, you can tear the cells apart when it's time to transplant. Put the whole container in the ground and reduce transplant shock.
  • Each strip contains 8 cells made of recycled paper pulp
  • Each cell measures 2.25" square by 2.25" deep, and has a drain hole at the bottom
  • 4 8-Cell Strips Will Fill 1 Flat or 1020 Tray (see photo)
  • Perfect for seed starting and raising transplants. Use for flowers and vegetables
  • Reduce transplant shock by planting the entire biodegradable container in the ground
  • OMRI-Listed: Approved for USDA Organic Growers