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Spray Stakes for Drip Irrigation - Color Coded Flow Rates

Jain Irrigation

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Spray stakes will reliably deliver water to your plants, whether in the garden, in pots, or as part of a hydroponic system.  These stakes can help you automate your garden, greenhouse, or grow room.  Great for gardeners who don't have a lot of time to water, or tend to forget...

Spray pattern allows for greater coverage than drip stakes. 

Each color has a different flow rate and spray pattern.  Some will spray in a 90° wedge flat out the side.  Others will spray down in a 160° pattern.  Blue sprays 360° flat out the side. 

Flow rates listed are at 20PSI.  Our garden hose system works at 15PSI, so if you're using that system, the flow rate will be diminished. 

Attach a 1/8" spaghetti tubing line to each stake and use in conjunction orchard tubing, barbs, and pressure regulator.