Second Sun Hydroponics

Starter Insert Sheets for Wheatgrass and Microgreens (601 Pattern)

East Jordan Plastics

$ 1.61 


These professional insert sheets will let you grow amazing wheatgrass and microgreens at home. The unique packs provide mini trays for use inside our larger 1020 trays.   6 packs or 1 sheet will fit perfectly inside a 1020 tray.  The packs pull apart for easy separation.  Time your wheatgrass and microgreen crops so that they bear continuously by conveniently splitting up the space in your 1020 tray. 

Sold as insert sheets that break into packs.  First part of the number indicates the number of packs in the sheet.  Second part of the number indicates the number of cells in a pack.  Each 601 sheet has 6 packs with 1 large cell each.

  • Each cell measures 6.63" long by 4.88" wide by 2.3" deep, and has drain slits at the bottom
  • Cell size is perfect for microgreens and wheatgrass
  • Made in the USA!

Sold by the sheet.  Sheets may be broken down as pictured to save on shipping costs. White 1020 tray pictured for example, not included.  Made with recycled polystyrene.

Size Chart

One sheet fills one 1020 Tray.

 Number of Sheets Number of Packs Number of Cells
1 6 6
5 30 30
10 60 60
25 150 150
50 300 300
100 600 600